Three principles of faithful stewardship
Three things that happen when we give from a generous heart.
Three Biblical principles of ownership
Four steps to making a difference in a life.

Communion – 12/29/2019

December 29, 2019
Remembering Christ's sacrifice and God's grace bestowed on us

God’s Gift

December 22, 2019
Pastor Jon presents God's gift of salvation.

Joy of Joy – 12

December 15, 2019
Pastor Jon on finding joy in God and others.

Joy of Joy – 11

December 8, 2019
Pastor Jon on three choices to live with joy.

Joy of Joy – 10

December 1, 2019
Pastor Jon presents five how-to steps of growing in Christ.

Baptism – Immersed in Christ

November 24, 2019
Pastor Jon preaches on baptism in the spirit.